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Welcome to the new and improved Free MMO Überlist. For years I have been keeping track of free MMOs and this is the place I have decided to collect them. The goal of this page is to make people aware of these games and to give everyone some sort of clue on what games to avoid and what games might actually be fun. My descriptions of games are often patently wrong, biased, incomplete and ridiculous, this is mostly for my own amusement. If you feel a description is wrong: please let me know and I'll write a slightly less wrong entry.

zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

Anti-cheating software

Big developers put their anti-cheating software in the game software itself. Small developers usually do not have the resources for this and buy a license on existing software. It's par of the course for most games and it can be quite annoying as this software can take a long time to load, can soak up more resources than strictly needed and can sometimes block perfectly legal actions. Sometimes the software does not get deleted when you uninstall the game, it can lay dormant on your hard drive for ages and god knows what it's up to.

However, what are you going to do about it? Not much, eh? Keep in mind that with the way free games are becoming more respectable, this side of the industry is on the up and up as well. A few years ago I was warning people against games that use it, but since then I haven't heard many complaints about it.

Still, it is something to always be wary of. There aren't many ways to completely protect yourself against the dangers of the internet, but here's three tips:

1. Trust your gut: if something looks fishy: cancel. More fish in the sea.
2. Trust your virus scan. Unlike your news feed, virus scans get updated all the time and will have some form of protection against new security threats before you read one of those "millions of computers infected with..." articles.
3. Do not play games I give the "avoid" or "AVOID AVOID AVOID" tag. They are most likely not worth your time in the first place, but they are usually also run by people/companies I do not trust. Don't worry, I only apply these tags if stuff is really bad and I will always explain myself somewhere in a news post. Normally a quick glance on their homepage is enough to understand my reasoning.

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