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Welcome to the new and improved Free MMO Überlist. For years I have been keeping track of free MMOs and this is the place I have decided to collect them. The goal of this page is to make people aware of these games and to give everyone some sort of clue on what games to avoid and what games might actually be fun. My descriptions of games are often patently wrong, biased, incomplete and ridiculous, this is mostly for my own amusement. If you feel a description is wrong: please let me know and I'll write a slightly less wrong entry.

zondag 13 november 2011

The Players and Joining a Guild

Free MMOs are filled to the brim with the following types of people:
Those who are too young to pay a monthly subscription
Those who are too cheap to pay for a monthly subscription.
As such, the community in free MMOs is, on average, horrible. This is why I advice you play these sort of games together with friends or people you've played other games with. These games can get boring very fast when you play alone, you need others to have someone fun to talk to and do stuff together with.

Now there are plenty of decent human beings around. People like you who want to know if a game is enjoyable before jumping in and people who are invested in the game and want to have a good time with other people. If you want to find more of those you should join a guild, nearly any guild will do. It often takes serious effort or a bit of cash to start a guild in a free MMO, so there is that bit of investment in the game that makes people behave better. There certainly are a lot of shitty guilds in MMOs in general and it's no difference in free ones, but on average you will at least get to talk to or play with actual humans.

Picking a good guild is tough and shopping around is not shameful. Here are a few tactics I employ:

  • Read that guild name: mature guild names include proper spelling.
  • Check the official forums: what guilds have threads on there? What are they talking about?
  • Pay attention to who you are grouping with. Notice anyone you think you might like (either because of what they write or how they play)? Shoot them a whisper asking about their guild.
  • Get in touch with an officer or guild leader and ask if you would fit in. Most guild leaders are desperate to get more members, but a decent one will answer your questions while a bad one will just dodge them or spam you with invites without replying.
Once you are in a guild you might not get the welcome you were expecting. Some guilds are very social and you will get a "welcome!" from everyone currently online, other guilds you won't get a reaction This might be because the guild leader has been spam inviting people. In general it pays off to strike up conversation in the guild chat. Ask about where people are from or how long they have been playing. I always ask if the guild has a Ventrilo or Teamspeak server, talking to people in person might be scary, but it's a great way to get to know them. If the guild has a forum or a thread somewhere, introduce yourself there as well, it's your way to say "this is who I am".

If a guild sucks you will find out soon enough. If no one is talking or people are constantly arguing or new people join and leave your guild all the time you know you are in a bad place. Leave and find another one, provided you still enjoy the game in the first place.